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Makeup Artistry Brushes

You need the tools of the trade to achieve a perfect makeup application.

Our brushes are high quality and will last for years.

Note: All prices listed are specifically for the Massillon Studio.

Makeup Artistry Face #3 Brush (Blunt) $42

Great for blending or buffing, large, natural, tightly-packed bristles blend powder over the face, neck and chest.

Makeup Artistry Face #2 Brush (Powder) $34

This large, natural hair brush softly applies powder over the face and body.

Makeup Artistry Face #5 Brush (Angled Blush) $29

This medium, natural hair angled brush with fine bristles blends powder for more precise placement when highlighting and contouring.

Makeup Artistry Face #1 Brush (Foundation) $32

This synthetic brush provides smooth application of liquid and cream foundation and cream blush … without absorbing product or leaving behind pesky brush marks.

Makeup Artistry Face #7 Brush (Angled Foundation) $46

Stippling-style brush expertly applies liquids, powders and creams with a unique blend of natural hair and synthetic bristles. Angled shape and layered bristles help you get into hard-to-reach places.

Makeup Artistry Eyes #1 Brush (Shader) $21

This large brush made of natural hair sweeps a wash of color on the eyelid.

Makeup Artistry Eyes #2 Brush (Shadow) $19

From lash to crease, this natural hair brush with fine and tapered bristles applies and blends color perfectly.

Makeup Artistry Brush Eyes #3 (Contour) $21

Known as the “Contour,” this natural hair brush with fine and tapered bristles offers precise blending in the crease.

Makeup Artistry Eyes #5 Brush (Eyeliner) $19

Get color right where you want it! This tiny, flat, natural hair brush head creates and blends precise color at the lash line with all formulas of eyeliner, eye shadow, brow powder and lipliner.

Makeup Artistry Brows #1 Brush $19

This double-side natural and synthetic hair brush has an angled tip for drawing thin, precise lines, while the spoolie end combs brow hairs and lashes for a soft, blended look.

Makeup Artistry Face #8 Brush (Angled Concealing) $27

This synthetic angled brush features alternating lengths of tall and short bristles that allow for precise application around the eyes and hard-to-reach spots like the sides of the nose. The versatile shape and size allows for varied application techniques including stippling, swirling and quick back-and-forth depositing. Use with concealers, foundations and even powders.

Makeup Artistry Lip Brush (Retractable) $15

Introducing the ideal way to brush on gloss or color! With a convenient push-pull mechanism, it opens and closes in one step. A must-have for every makeup bag. Synthetic hair. Note: do not twist or turn brush.

Brush Cleaner $17

Go on a clean streak with Brush Cleaner — specially formulated to gently clean and condition natural and synthetic brushes. It’s an easy-to-use, fast-drying anti-bacterial formula that promotes good hygiene and ensures a clean, true-color application.

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