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Oil & Blemish Control

Products formulated to help combat acne and excess oil.

Note: All prices listed are specifically for the Massillon Studio.

Matte Oil-Free Moisturizer $39

For normal to oily skin types.

Welcome matte! This lightweight, hydrating lotion contains advanced microspheres that absorb oil throughout the day. Combined with optical diffusers, it also helps minimize the appearance of pores, leaving skin soft and smooth with a fresh, matte finish.

Acne Defense Spot Treatment $27

This invisible formula clears up acne flare-ups with Salicylic Acid — an effective acne-fighting ingredient that has great exfoliating properties to keep pores clear of the debris and dead skin cells that can trap oil and bacteria. Innovative ingredients gently and effectively clear clogged pores and help control excess oil while SymSitive® and SymRelief® reduce redness and calm skin.

Acne Defense Daily Treatment Serum $42

Face it - zits happen whether you’re 15 or 50. Don’t just cover them, fight them. Treat and hydrate with this serum featuring new micronized Benzoyl Peroxide. It provides a smoother, more even application that kills acne-causing bacteria at the source. It works by drying up acne and allowing skin to heal gently and effectively. Keeps pores clear while helping refine them, reduces excess oil and conditions skin. Helps improve skin clarity and evens out skin tone for a healthy-looking complexion. Leaves skin feeling smooth and comfortable.

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